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March 16, 2021

Case Study: ssd studio

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Kira Hood

ssd studio is an Architecture and Interior Design practice based out of Sydney. Specialising in residential design ssd studio has one focus in mind, to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Apart from creating beautiful designs that transport your everyday living spaces into sanctuaries of bliss and tranquillity, ssd studio is also passionate about sustainability and the environment.  

Ensuring to integrate sustainable practices into all her designs, Sophie Solomon, Founder and Principal of ssd studio, understands the importance of reducing her impact. As a Pathzero member, we were happy to hear from Sophie and learn about her experience using Pathzero. Here’s what she had to say …  

How did you first hear about Pathzero? 

I first heard about Pathzero when Carl contacted me to discuss his new website - before it went live.

What trends in your industry drove the need to use our product? 

In the industry there was a raised awareness of the need to be a Carbon Neutral Business. The establishment of the Architects Declare movement and the action on Climate Change was instrumental in moving this forward for our business. 

I had been researching pathways for doing this simply and efficiently, so it was serendipity that Carl contacted me. 

What made Pathzero stand out over others that you researched?  

I really liked the approach Pathzero was taking in making the solution easy and cost effective.  

I also liked knowing that I was supporting a local business, although young had years of experience in the field, so really knew what they were talking about. I felt the process was very trustworthy and not trying to Greenwash the solution. 

 What feature of our platform was most appealing? 

When looking for a solution I was searching for something that is simple and efficient. The existing solutions for a small business seem to be very complicated and costly. 

Pathzero however uses the interface of their platform to solve this problem through simplicity and easy to understand graphics. It is logical, very user friendly, yet highly sophisticated. 

 Has this solution resulted in any changes to your business? 

Yes, it is the first change we are making to really try and be Carbon Neutral across all of our endeavours. I am immensely proud and happy to have made this step and while it is a small contribution, I really value the difference it makes to our business.

Can you share any metrics/KPIs that show the success you have enjoyed with our service? Ie. Reduction in emissions? Or successful implementation of new policies? 

We do not have any metrics, yet we believe by using Pathzero to offset our Greenhouse gas emissions as a business we are making a small yet significance to creating a better future. 

What have you been most impressed with?  

I have been impressed with how quickly the Pathzero business has grown, although not surprised. 

What would you say to someone considering using Pathzero? 

I would and have suggested Pathzero to many people looking for an easy yet sophisticated tool to measure their Carbon Consumption and a way of providing off-sets for the business.

Is there anything else we should know?  

Keep inspiring the industry to do more to improve the environment! 



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