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Want to know the brand benefits of Carbon Neutral Certification?

April 29, 2021
Want to know the brand benefits of Carbon Neutral Certification? featured image

Being carbon neutral certified is an inevitable future for all businesses. The discussions held at the Leaders to Leaders Summit on Climate demonstrated that the global push for net zero targets is only gaining momentum. Carbon Neutral Certification provides organisations with an early-adopter advantage, bringing an arrangement of benefits to the perception and respectability of their brand. 

This article gives a brief explanation of what Carbon Neutral Certification is, and outlines the unexpected brand benefits that are associated with it. 

What is Carbon Neutral Certification?

Carbon Neutral Certification can be attained by organisations that correctly go through the carbon management process and achieve net zero emissions for a set 12-month period. When an organisation is granted a Carbon Neutral Certification by a provider, they have official documentation that attests to their genuine carbon neutral status.

While it can be fairly easy and straightforward to claim carbon neutrality, without recordable certification, this claim is as good as fake gold. Customers and key stakeholder groups demand carbon footprint visibility, and they want this visibility to be as clear as possible. Carbon Neutral Certification instructs a set of procedures and steps that need to be taken as a requirement of the standards that have been set by various entities. In doing so, key stakeholders can trust that carbon neutrality has been accurately, and effectively achieved, giving them a clear insight into the environmental performance of the business. 

Below is an overview on the Carbon Neutral process with Pathzero: 

Pathzero - Carbon Neutral Certification Process

Each of these steps can be completed directly through the Pathzero online carbon management platform, making the process simple and efficient.

So, what are the benefits of Carbon Neutral Certification for your brand?

Carbon Neutral Certification brings an array of benefits to the reputability and the ethicality of your brand. While general sustainability initiatives are a societal expectation for businesses, undergoing the processes needed to be carbon neutral and claiming the official certification provides the public eye with tangible evidence of actionable results. This transcends the general expectation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, giving your organisation a sustainable branding advantage.

We have curated a list of the branding benefits of Carbon Neutral Certification below: 

  • Ensures organisational integrity: Carbon Neutral Certification is associated with credible actions, providing integrity to your claim and eliminating any greenwashing accusations.
  • Easy brand transparency: Carbon reports that document your carbon footprint, reduction initiatives, and carbon credit purchase (and retirement), provide simple visibility to business climate impact and mitigation strategies. 
  • Reputable brand recognition: Certified Carbon Neutral labels increase market credibility, exposure, and loyalty. Consumers are now looking for brands with Carbon Neutral Certification labels before purchasing. 
  • Align with stakeholder needs: Setting and enacting upon emission reduction strategies coincides with stakeholders' need for improvement in environmental performance. The requirements of certification also ensure you comply with legislation.
  • Viewed as a leader: Taking environmental action beyond that of your regulatory requirements demonstrates strong leadership values. 

Organisational integrity can transcend beyond that of just carbon neutrality. By demonstrating to your customers that your carbon neutral claim is true and credible, you are building the overall trustworthiness of your organisation. In doing so, other messages associated with your brand become more valued. Brand integrity also interlinks with brand recognition, strengthening consumers' fidelity to your brand through strong levels of trust. 

If possible to get your hands on, carbon neutral marketing assets provide your organisation with the opportunity to build its brand recognition through the generation of ongoing good news. Pathzero for example has a range of social assets which you can leverage to tell your carbon neutral story as well as report on your climate progress. 

Carbon reporting provides a clear picture of the sustainability journey enacted upon. Choosing a platform like Pathzero that provides you with a company profile page; a document of the climate action undertaken by your business, is a great way to easily but comprehensively showcase to investors and stakeholders the environmental performance of your business. 

By undergoing the certification process which is not yet a business requirement, your organisation is recognised for taking leadership action. It is quite probable that consumers will also presume that you are a leader in other parts of your business or industry also. This is a valuable position to have, especially in a marketplace where differentiation is hard to establish. 

In a competitive business environment having a strong brand image is a pivotal key point of difference. Being able to identify these benefits and use them to your advantage is a great way to both better your business and spread awareness on the importance of taking environmental action. 

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