Carbon Measurement

Measure the carbon footprint of your business. Our guided, self-serve platform makes it simple, accurate and auditable.

  • Built on GHG-Protocol
  • Audit ready
  • Access the latest global emission factors
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Calculate your corporate emissions with ease

Pathzero has built best-practice measurement practices into the platform. Our simple step by step process ensures you stay in line with the GHG-protocol and leading carbon neutral certifications.

Set the Emissions Boundary

1 Set the Emissions Boundary

In this step, you identify your organization, the locations you operate from and determine which direct and indirect sources of emissions you need to include within your calculation. This is known as your emissions boundary.

2 Calculate your emissions

With your emission boundary set, it is time to calculate your emissions. Our platform gives you access to the latest international “Emission Factors”. These convert your data (say liters consumed) into the tonnes of CO2e gas released. You can upload your supporting documents for easy reference.

Carbon management measure
Carbon management measure

3 Request verification and validation

We know this can get tricky, that is why we are here to help you. A subscription includes 30-minute consulting sessions so that a local consultant can help you get your measurement right and provide verification services to help you attain certification.

Access registered consultants

Included in your Pathzero subscription is access to our registered consultants, you can schedule time with them throughout the carbon management process as you require support.

Aleena Dewji Consultant
Aleena Dewji

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Registered Consultant

Carl Prins Consultant
Carl Prins

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Registered Consultant

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