Pathzero Carbon Neutral Protocol for Small-Medium Sized Businesses

Pathzero has developed a Carbon Neutral Protocol and supporting web application that makes it possible for many SMEs of various industries to understand the emissions of their business activities and what steps need to be taken to become a Pathzero Carbon Neutral Company.

What's the purpose of the protocol?

This Protocol describes the prerequisites for the Pathzero Carbon Neutral Company label. This document is written for companies and organisations who seek to understand the criteria in more detail, including the underlying approach and principles and relationship to other standards and protocols.

Organisations who use Pathzero’s calculation tool can benefit from marketing themselves as a Pathzero Carbon Neutral Company. Continuous use of the label is subject to successful monthly re-certification.

Carbon Neutral Company logo
Carbon Neutral Company logo

New blog: Pathzero Carbon Neutral Protocol

Pathzero creates streamlined Carbon Neutral protocol for SMEs

Pathzero has, today, published a carbon neutral protocol for small-medium sized businesses. The Protocol,  designed to make attaining a credible carbon neutral claim more accessible to small-medium sized businesses, currently frustrated by the immense resource required to take this meaningful climate action.

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Want to find out more about the Pathzero Protocol?

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