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Pathzero will walk you through the steps required to go carbon neutral

  • Easily access third party auditors and validators
  • Track your progress
  • Responsibly share your climate commitment

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Going Carbon Neutral

Attaining a Carbon Neutral status demonstrates an organization’s commitment to decarbonization and the neutralization of remaining impact through the support of environmental projects. 

Broadly, it follows these steps: 

Carbon Neutral Flow

We’ll help you track your progress

Carbon Neutral checklist

The Pathzero platform contains an easy to use checklist to help you complete all the steps necessary to achieve carbon neutral status to PAS 2060.

  • All the work you have done in other areas is documented in one place
  • Easily track your progress through your sustainability journey
  • Responsibly share your climate commitment
Certification checklist

We’ll help you communicate your status

Social assets

Carbon Neutral collateral

Once you’ve achieved all of the required steps, Pathzero will validate you as being carbon neutral to PAS 2060.

  • PAS 2060 is the only recognized international standard for carbon neutrality
  • Your related company profile page contains the supporting evidence of your claim
  • Your work is ready for further, external certification if required

Climate Active Certification

Our software and process has been designed to form the basis for any carbon neutral certification including the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Organization certification.

If you require this certification one of our registered consultants can help you through the process.

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