Carbon Offsetting

Access verified carbon offset projects from leading providers directly on our platform.

  • Use our offset calculator
  • Access the carbon marketplace
  • Verra & Gold Standard offset projects
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Compensate for your residual emissions

Our platform has a carbon marketplace that provides you with a selection of high-quality projects to offset your residual emissions directly through Pathzero.

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1 Carbon Neutral calculator

Pathzero’s Carbon Neutral calculator will help you identify the number of carbon offset credits you need to purchase to reach net zero.

2 Carbon Marketplace

Pathzero provides access to verified offsets directly through our Carbon Marketplace. We offer a selection of GoldStandard and Verra certified projects.

Carbon management measure
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3 Proof of offset

Receive a certificate from a third party verifying your offset. This is your evidence of an eligible carbon offset under the Pathzero Protocol. This certificate can also be used with other certification standards like Climate Active.

Our carbon projects

Pathzero has partnered with South Pole to provide you with a selection of high-quality carbon offset projects that provide tangible evidence of the avoidance or sequestration of carbon emissions from the atmosphere.

Measure your carbon emissions
Project certificiation standards
Measure your carbon emissions
Measure your carbon emissions

Access registered consultants

Included in your Pathzero subscription is access to our registered consultants, you can schedule time with them throughout the carbon management process as you require support.

Aleena Dewji Consultant
Aleena Dewji

Climate Active
Registered Consultant

Carl Prins Consultant
Carl Prins

Climate Active
Registered Consultant

The Carbon Management Process