Carbon Reduction

Create your carbon reduction plan with ease by selecting from our library of initiatives per emission source.

  • Reduction initiative templates
  • Document your implementation
  • Set and track smart reduction targets
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Create a meaningful reduction plan

Our platform has been designed to make it easy to create impactful business initiatives to reduce emissions from your business operations.

Create a reduction plan

1 Create a reduction plan

Once you’ve measured 12 months worth of emissions, we’ll show you the sources of emissions that are contributing the most to your footprint. Create a plan to reduce these with our suggested initiatives or create a custom plan of your own.

2 Set smart targets

To reduce emissions, we believe it is important to understand the key driver of that emission. For example, it may be the number of sales staff that drive the number of corporate flights taken. Set a smart target by linking it to the key driver.

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Carbon management measure

3 Track progress over time

When your next reporting cycle comes up, you will be able to compare the reduction in initiatives per key driver to the target you set. Even as your company goes through changes, you’ll receive meaningful feedback on which initiatives are working and which ones need to be replaced.

Access registered consultants

Included in your Pathzero subscription is access to our registered consultants, you can schedule time with them throughout the carbon management process as you require support.

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Aleena Dewji

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The Carbon Management Process