Carbon Reporting

Achieve your stakeholder reporting and disclosure goals with our suite of reporting tools.

  • Company profile page
  • Carbon analysis tool
  • Framework aligned annual reporting tool
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Meet your carbon reporting requirements

Pathzero forms the basis for any carbon-related reporting your organization will need. Designed to meet certification standards, but flexible to meet global reporting frameworks like TCFD and SASB.

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1 Company profile page

The Company profile page is your record of the climate action undertaken by your business. It provides an overview of your top emission sources, the reduction initiatives implemented and the carbon projects your business has supported. 

2 Analysis

Analyze the movements in emission sources over time or between locations with the simple to use analysis tool.
Extract exactly the information you need for bespoke carbon reporting and export to pdf for easy sharing.

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3 Stakeholder Reports

Meet your stakeholder reporting requirements for climate-related financial risk. Pathzero surfaces the metrics you need to include in this reporting.

The information is available to easily complete the relevant requirements in frameworks like TCFD and SASB.

Access registered consultants

Included in your Pathzero subscription is access to our registered consultants, you can schedule time with them throughout the carbon management process as you require support.

Aleena Dewji Consultant
Aleena Dewji

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Registered Consultant

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Carl Prins

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