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What is Question Time?

Question Time is a Pathzero monthly resource where you can ask our sustainability experts any climate-related questions you may have and receive accurate answers you know you can trust

Through Question Time we aim to bridge the knowledge gap between consultants, business owners, and consumers. Providing a space where insightful and knowledgeable answers can help you drive better outcomes.


How does it work?

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Submit your carbon or sustainability question using the form on this page.
  2. We will select the top and/or the most frequently asked questions for our experts to answer.
  3. The responses will be posted monthly on Pathzero. Learn as you read the answers to your and others' climate questions.  
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Meet Our Experts

Carl Headshot
Carl Prins

Co-Founder & CEO

Carl is Pathzero's Co-Founder, and CEO, as well as one of our sustainability experts and in-house, registered consultant.

As a registered Climate Active consultant and with a strong background in financial markets, technology, and the energy sector, Carl is well versed and has leveraged his versatile knowledge and expertise to help build Pathzero, the most efficient carbon management platform available. 

In addition to his duties as CEO, Carl also works closely alongside Aleena to help build greenhouse gas emissions models, guide members on their journey to net zero emissions, and create pioneering solutions to enhance the carbon management process. 

Aleena is the team’s Senior Carbon and Sustainability Specialist and a registered Climate Active consultant.
Originally from Canada, Aleena has worked in the carbon and sustainability space in both Alberta and Australia. She has over 9 years’ experience with greenhouse gas accounting, climate change risk analysis, and sustainability strategy development.
Aleena is responsible for developing and up-keeping all greenhouse gas emissions models and calculation methodologies. She further supports clients on their journey to net-zero by identifying opportunities and developing emission reduction strategies.
Aleena is passionate about driving sustainable change and implementing innovative solutions at organisations to support the transition to net-zero.
Aleena Headshot
Aleena Dewji

Senior Carbon & Sustainability Specialist at Pathzero

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