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We're on a mission to enable SMEs to join the movement to net zero emissions.

Why are SMEs important?

Because small and medium sized businesses make up 90% of companies and 50% of employment worldwide. These businesses also form an integral part of a local community. 

Should SMEs go carbon neutral?

Going carbon neutral means removing as much CO2 and other greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere as your company emits. This means that you are not making our climate crisis any worse.  

As a consequence of demonstrating their climate leadership, businesses have seen the benefits of increased sales, reduced operational costs and everyone at the company taking pride in the fact that they are doing their bit for the environment.

What is stopping SMEs today?

By talking to heaps of companies, we found that the current way to become carbon neutral is too hard. When small businesses experience the cost and resource required to collect and analyse emissions data the project simply gets parked.

How does Pathzero help SMEs?

We've designed a solution that is as effective as getting consultants in, but simpler and more affordable.

Pathzero's interview with Ausbiz

Watch Carl Prins, Pathzero Co-Founder and CEO, talk about how his company is helping to make it easier and more affordable for Small Businesses to tackle climate action.

Who is Pathzero?

We are two people who met during Antler's program in Sydney. Carl previously ran an energy startup and became acutely aware that SMEs were not being served in this space. Charbel is a seasoned technology leader who is particularly good at building self service applications.

Together we've set out to create a solution that is as effective as getting consultants in, but simpler and more affordable so the SMEs can join the movement to net zero emissions.
Carl Prins

Carl is a Sydney based Entrepreneur, father of two and passionate about climate change. Before Pathzero, he co-founded Handled, Australia's first energy comparison and auto-switching service with mobile, digital fulfilment, and led the company as CEO for the last 3 years. With a 17 year career that has spanned multiple industries, Carl has a unique blend of corporate credibility as well as startup hustle.

Charbel Ayoub

Charbel's journey into entrepreneurship started with Antler. Prior to that, he spent over 10 years perfecting his technical. He has a diverse range of experience across many environments including startups, media, agencies and enterprise. Charbel's passion for technical solutions and his environmental conscience places him in a unique position to enable businesses to make a positive impact with Pathzero.

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We’re all about applying smart technology to help companies join the movement to net zero emissions.