The emissions data network for private markets

Pathzero enables asset owners, fund managers and the operating entities they invest in to calculate and share emissions data on one secure technology platform.

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Pathzero's emissions data network

Pathzero's emissions data network provides the secure communication layer to help private market participants connect and share emissions data.
Find a counter-party that you need disclosure from and start using it in your analysis within days.
Current coverage:

  • 250+
    fund managers
  • 10,000+
    unlisted assets

Who's on the network


Asset owners

  • Gain access to emissions data for directly and indirectly held unlisted investments
  • Calculate PCAF-aligned financed emissions at the operating entity and fund level
  • Aggregate emissions data for portfolio financed emissions analysis and reporting


Fund managers

  • Receive emissions disclosures from operating entities within a fund.
  • Calculate PCAF-aligned financed emissions using financial data where disclosure gaps exist
  • Create asset-level analysis and disclosures per fund for investor reporting and risk management.

portfolio companies

Operating entities

  • Efficiently generate a high level estimate of emissions to screen for emissions risk.
  • Calculate high quality emissions disclosures to the degree required across scope 1, 2 and 3.
  • Aggregate and analyse emissions data for internal risk management and external disclosures.

"Climate change is a giant risk and opportunity facing most businesses globally, and private markets are really well positioned to address this challenge, but the key is getting the data we need to be able to assemble a carbon footprint."


Suzanne Tavill  
Partner and Head of Responsible
Investment StepStone Group

Pathzero's suite of web applications

Pathzero Navigator
Gather, analyse and report portfolio emissions data
Pathzero Clarity
Create, analyse and report corporate emissions data

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