Pathzero for asset owners

Financed emissions reporting for private markets

Pathzero's solution helps institutional asset owners:

  • Gain access to emissions data for directly and indirectly held unlisted investments
  • Calculate PCAF-aligned financed emissions at the operating entity and fund level
  • Aggregate emissions data for portfolio financed emissions analysis and reporting
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Pathzero's emissions data network

Pathzero's emissions data network provides the secure communication layer to help private market participants connect and share emissions data.
Find a counter-party that you need disclosure from and start using it in your analysis within days.
Current coverage:

  • 250+
    fund managers
  • 10,000+
    unlisted assets

Access unlisted asset emissions disclosures

Pathzero enables secure connectivity for receiving emissions disclosures from external fund managers for indirectly held investments. For directly held investments, emissions disclosures are received directly from the investment entities.

Once disclosed and accessible via the Pathzero Library, these emissions data are available for analysis and reporting, complete with a transparent audit trail.


Calculate PCAF-aligned financed emissions

Pathzero has codified the PCAF calculation methodologies into the platform to enable consistent, auditable calculation of the attributable portion of emissions owned by the fund as well as a data quality score.

Asset owners use pathzero's estimation modules to fill any data disclosure gaps having received disclosures from their investments or fund managers. These calculation modules leverage data that the asset owner generally has to hand.

Report with confidence

Pathzero enables the composition of fund, asset class or product/option level reporting for asset owners. This is achieved through a unique consolidation feature that maintains asset level information through multiple tiers of ownership percentages. The result is a really efficient means to generate complex reporting.
Pathzero enables an audit trail to be kept of the sources of data and on-platform calculation methodologies applied. This makes it simple for assurance work to be performed by third party auditors on the disclosures in climate reports.

Built to align with leading calculation and reporting standards

Pathzero's solutions are enabled by our web applications.

Pathzero Navigator
Gather, analyse and report emissions data
Pathzero Clarity
Create, analyse and share emissions disclosures

The definitive guide to financed emissions

Looking to understand more about financed emissions and how they impact your net zero aspirations?

In this guide, we define financed emissions, address the challenges and opportunities of measuring emissions and outline the steps you can take to get started.

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Measure and manage financed emissions

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