Pathzero Clarity

Calculate, analyse and report corporate emissions data

Pathzero Clarity enables any organisation to create and share emissions disclosures ranging from a high-level screening, through to an audit-grade emissions inventory.

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Modular calculation modules

Start with an initial industry-based estimate to understand your likely emissions profile. Enter any existing carbon information you may have for easy reporting.

Pathzero offers a "Scope 1 and 2" module to calculate emissions in line with the GHG-Protocol's Corporate Standard.

Pathzero also offers a "Scope 3" module to calculate your supply chain emissions in line with the GHG-Protocol's Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard.

Pathzero offers a review service for both the emissions boundary as well as the activity data as required.


Intuitive analysis

Pathzero Clarity helps you track the year-on-year movement of the emissions in your business.

Select a given year, to understand the key sources of emissions in the business and the quality of data and modules used to create the estimate of emissions.

Drill down into individual calculations to understand the sources of data and the quality of models and emission factors used to calculate emissions.

Secure stakeholder reporting

Pathzero Clarity is connected to the Pathzero emissions data network. This means that you can publish your corporate emissions data into a secure database from where you can govern access to your data.

You will be able to grant access to your emissions disclosures to other users on the Pathzero network. Most commonly this will be how you share your emissions data with your investors. You will also be able to access your emissions data in formats like .xls for custom reporting.


Built to align with leading calculation and reporting standards

  • ISO-1
  • CDP-1
  • SBT

"We realised that becoming carbon neutral is actually only the first step of that journey. And there's a lot more to come, especially in emissions reductions and the initiatives that we have to put together as an organisation."


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