Pathzero for fund managers

Simplify your fund emissions reporting

Pathzero's solution helps Private Equity, Private Debt, Infrastructure and Commercial Real Estate fund managers:

  • Receive emissions disclosures directly from the operating entities they invest in
  • Calculate PCAF-aligned emissions estimates where data is not available
  • Create asset-level analysis and disclosures per fund for investor reporting and risk management.


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Pathzero's solution is trusted by:

The need for high-quality financed emissions data

Asset managers are increasingly asked to calculate and share reliable emissions information across their portfolios. This requirement for accurate financed emissions data is driven by:

  • Pressure from asset owners to report carbon information.

  • The opportunity to attract conscientious capital from new investors by demonstrating climate capability in investment processes.

  • The need to understand and manage climate risk in existing and potential investments.



The carbon information you need when you need it

Pathzero integrates the PCAF methodologies into an easy-to-use platform, streamlining the process of responding to carbon information requests by allowing asset owners to:

  • Rapidly arrive at a PCAF-aligned estimate of financed emissions across an investment portfolio.

  • Securely share this emissions information with investors, providing assurance of carbon performance

  • Effortlessly connect to portfolio companies to access asset-level carbon information.

  • Embed climate risk assessments across the investment cycle.

“About three years ago we realised that climate change is going to become a really important part of our investing program. We started looking at what climate initiatives we should be driving at a firm level and a portfolio company level”

Symon Vegter
Advent Partners

The Pathzero approach

From estimate to actual to action



Share a PCAF-aligned estimate of financed emissions with investors.



Connect with portfolio companies to access reported emissions data.



Actively manage carbon risk within an investment portfolio.


Turn financial data into carbon data
Turn readily available financial data into a PCAF-aligned estimate of financed emissions across your investments. Rapidly reach 100% portfolio coverage.

Understand how you are perceived
Asset owners increasingly rely on PCAF-aligned estimates to understand the carbon performance of investments. Pathzero estimates provide insights into how others view your portfolio. 

Identify carbon hotspots
Analyse data to understand emissions sources, identify carbon ‘hotspots’, and take a risk-based approach to decarbonisation actions across a portfolio.



Access asset-level carbon information
Connect with portfolio companies to request asset-level carbon information.

In-platform calculation capability
Where portfolio company carbon data does not exist, Pathzero Clarity can be used to calculate and share detailed emissions data.

Understand portfolio carbon performance 
Get insights into your portfolio's progress against climate targets, decarbonisation activities, and offsets purchased. 


Communicate carbon performance with investors
Securely share relevant, comparable and trustworthy carbon data with multiple asset owners.

Engage on identified risks and opportunities 
Ask more informed questions of portfolio companies and ensure decarbonisation efforts are directed to where they will have the greatest impact.

Embed climate risk assessment in the investment cycle
Screen for climate-related transition risk as part of assessing a new investment. Ensure that climate transition risk has been addressed when the time comes to sell assets. 

Financed emissions software

Pathzero Navigator

Pathzero Navigator is a data aggregation and analysis tool used by asset managers to create an estimate of portfolio emissions, access asset-level carbon data and securely share that information with asset owners. 

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Built to align with leading calculation and reporting standards

  • PCAF
  • TCFD
  • SBT

Partner with our team of experts.


Carl Prins
Co-Founder & CEO


Sarah Colquhoun
Head of Sustainability


Verena Schubert
Principal Sustainability Consultant

The definitive guide to financed emissions

Looking to understand more about financed emissions and how they impact your net zero aspirations?

Get started with the Pathzero financed emissions guide.

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