Financed emissions software

Pathzero Navigator

A carbon data aggregation and analysis tool used by financial institutions to manage climate-related risks in private market portfolios. 

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How it works

Generate a portfolio emissions estimate

Pathzero Navigator rapidly generates a PCAF-aligned estimate of financed emissions across your investments using readily available company information. 


Access actionable insights

Analyse your portfolio carbon data to understand emissions sources, identify carbon ‘hotspots’, and take a risk-based approach to decarbonisation.

Improve carbon data quality

Connect directly with assets and asset managers to enhance the accuracy of your emissions data. Pathzero Navigator enables secure and seamless data networking between trusted parties.


Report with confidence

Report and track audit-grade data in line with globally recognised standards and frameworks. 

Built to comply with

  • PCAF
  • TCFD
  • SBT
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“About three years ago we realised that climate change is going to become a really important part of our investing program. We started looking at what climate initiatives we should be driving at a firm level and a portfolio company level”


Symon Vegter
Advent Partners

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Measure and manage your financed emissions

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