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Pathzero Launches First Interactive Tool for Estimating Financed Emissions in Private Markets

October 19, 2022
Pathzero Launches First Interactive Tool for Estimating Financed Emissions in Private Markets featured image

Sydney, Australia – Pathzero, a company specialising in the management of financed emissions, announced today the launch of Pathzero Navigator, a unique data-driven portfolio alignment tool designed to provide private market investors with an initial snapshot of their financed emissions. This innovative tool enhances the Pathzero platform and helps firms measure, reduce, offset and report their carbon emissions in a timely manner. Navigator—which was tested in a successful pilot program by firms including StepStone, Antler and Carthona—also helps firms prepare for coming regulatory requirements and track their progress in meeting commitments to align with the Paris Climate Accords.

“Private market firms—which are traditionally opaque— are under increasing pressure from investors, stakeholders, employees and the public to report accurate information about their emissions. Pathzero’s Navigator tool provides firms with a high-level snapshot of emissions across portfolios and enables enhanced, efficient communication among stakeholders,” said Carl Prins, Co-Founder and CEO at Pathzero. “Pathzero Navigator is specifically designed for asset managers regardless of where they are on their climate journey, giving them the tools to take action to comply with the global emissions reporting standards while upholding fiduciary duty and improving their brand image.” 

With Pathzero’s Navigator technology, private market investors can easily and rapidly obtain an overview of their financed emissions without the cost and time associated with traditional consulting methods. Once key data about the companies in a portfolio has been uploaded, Pathzero Navigator provides a nearly instantaneous assessment of the total emissions and the attributable financed emissions in the portfolio. Further analysis is then enabled to identify climate risk 'hot spots' that will naturally focus attention to the sectors, companies or emission sources that matter most within the portfolio.

“The first steps to climate action are building awareness and then measurement. We are excited to work with Pathzero to show that VC firms, regardless of size, investment approach and global footprint, can do this in an efficient and effective manner. We hope this will encourage others in the industry to do the same,” says Rosalind Bazany, Head of ESG and impact at Antler. She adds “Pathzero formed their company in our Antler Australia programme and we are delighted to continue to support the important work they are doing.”

Navigator complements Pathzero’s broader offering, a SaaS platform that enables any company to measure, manage and communicate their carbon emissions information with expert consultants available to provide advice along the way. 


About Pathzero 

The Pathzero platform enables both the collection and communication of carbon data, so users can generate insights, and take action, to get to net zero emissions. The company’s intuitive technology offers seamless data networking between trusted parties. It gives investment managers complete oversight of their financed emissions, and empowers individual companies to measure and reduce their GHG profile. Pathzero is committed to building the tools companies need to adapt to a low-carbon future.